How to master online trading
3 Majors Secrets

More than often you see people get excited about trading at the beginning,
but after a while they get frustrated because they see they are not as good as they expected.
But often it turns out it is not a question of being good or not – it is simply a matter of consistency. Following some basic rules along with proper education and training can make almost anyone
a good trader.

Here are top rules we found traders don’t follow and really should:

  1. Focus on one pair at a time – as a beginner, you are just starting to understand strategy. Because each pair moves differently, it will be easier to stay consistent and develop skills while concentrating on one pair only.
  2. Trade higher timeframes – it will give you more control. LegacyFX offers no fees on long term positions.
    That way, you can focus on trading without paying extra credit.
  3. Consistency over money gain – calculating the potential profit from each position will only confuse you.
    Keep your mind on sticking to one plan (strategy) consistently, and let money come on its own

Reviewing what you are currently doing and mapping your trading strategy can shed light on
possibly required improvements and help you spot mistakes.

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