Activate Safe Mode
to undo any losing trade


Undo losing trades on
Safe Mode

If the fear of losing a deal is holding you back from making a bigger trade, or if there is a significant economic event taking place, don’t worry, LegacyFX Safe Mode feature gives you the power to undo the trade. If you see the markets moving against you, simply cancel the order. LegacyFX Safe Mode feature helps you maximize your results and minimize the loses.

How does it work?

Safe Mode Terms and Conditions Program

  • LegacyFX is the sole provider of the program and reserves the right to cancel or amend any of the Terms and Conditions at any time.
  • The program only applies to new clients with live accounts.
  • The new client must be eligible to open an account and must meet the usual account opening criteria covering all compliance requirements.
  • According to the FTD amount we have three groups of incentives:
  • FTD amount – 1 000 USD, first 3 trades are Safe Mode, up to 50 USD each
  • FTD amount – 5 000 USD, first 5 trades are Safe Mode, up to 100 USD each
  • FTD amount - 10 000 USD, first 7 trades are Safe Mode, up to 150 USD each
  • LegacyFX preserves the right to reject any incentives according to the program partially, or in full in case of abuses.

Example 1: Client deposits 1000 USD and closes his first 3 positions and the result from them is as follows:

  1. Profit 60 USD
  2. Loss 170 USD
  3. Loss 30 USD

In that case we cover the losing position number 2 and the losing position number 3 to up to 50 USD. So, position number 3 is covered in full, and position number 2 takes the limit of 50 USD - in total 80 USD of the losses are covered. Any result occurring afterwards is not under the protection of the Safe Mode positions program.


Example 2: Client deposits 5000 USD and closes his first 5 positions on profit. The result from any further trading will not be eligible for Safe Mode position program.


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