Affiliate Program


Access LegacyFX highly effective marketing tools through CellXpert and earn more with a tailor-made plan and flexible commission structures – CPA, Revenues Share or Hybrid deals.

LegacyFX offers an industry-leading CPA Affiliate Partnership program. As an affiliate partner, you’ll able to earn great commissions on referrals and receive exclusive access to our marketing platform, where you will find targeted marketing materials designed to boost your earning potential. You will be able to see statistics, track your conversions and manage the performance of your campaigns on CellXpert.

Our CPA partnership programs are available to individuals and business clients across the globe.
If you are a trading specialist, social media influencer, marketing professional or SEO expert – you’ll find the best plan for you to generate earnings.

Become a LegacyFX Affiliate Partner today and enhance your potential for profits.

More advantages of becoming LegacyFX
Affiliate partner:


Wide range of professional marketing tools


Updated promotion options


Real time reporting system


Well-known brand with multiply licenses (CySEC, FCA and more)


Fast commission payouts


dedicated affiliate account manager


Tailor-made plans and flexible commission structures – CPA, revenues share or hybrid deals

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