MAM/PAMM Account

Investors, professional traders, or IB - earn income using mutual advantage.

MAM/PAMM is a service that allows traders to manage funds of many investors on a single trading account. The traders manage multiple forex trading accounts using their capital and pooled money, intending to generate profits. The performance of a PAMM or MAM account manager is then distributed among the investors.

T4B PAMM is a system that combines:

  • classical percentage allocation management tool with all its functions and features, 
  • an external database, where all logic and data are located.

The system allows Investors to choose Money Managers by the statistics, connect, and add funds to the preferable Money Manager. During the trading, the Investor checks how the investment is increased through the Money Manager’s trading. 

The best solution for investors

Beginner? Join PAMM account and earn money by placing your investment into the trading account of professional traders who will apply their solid trading strategy using yours and their funds combined.
Even if you are not yet confident to trade on your own or you don’t have the time for it, a PAMM account is a right choice for you!

Benefits for Investors:

  • Opportunity to earn income without being an expert on FOREX and CFD.
  • Choose and join to one or several accounts, maintained by reliable and professional Managers.
  • If no statements are made, no fees are subtracted.
  • No one can withdraw funds other than the investor himself.

Professional traders - generate higher income!

If you enjoy competition, wish to scale up your trading business, and make the most profitable strategies, you should open a PAMM Manager Account.
As Manager, you get credentials to access the PAMM Manager portal to supervise Investors' entry and exit.
You will also get the MetaTrader 5 account credentials where the Investors' funds are pooled and where the actual trading activity will be carried out. Enjoy customizable fee structures: set performance, management, and other types of fees.

Benefits for Managers:

  • MAM and PAMM accounts allow traders to manage multiple accounts from a single account without creating an investment fund.
  • Enjoy large volumes at the prices as Manager. MAMs and PAMMs can provide you the tighter control you need to maximize returns.
  • Create your account and choose your trading conditions, commissions, spread mark-ups, account currency, performance fees, margin call, and other parameters easily.
  • A flexible commission system for managers based on results helps in the choice of strategy.

IB / Partner with LegacyFX MAM/PAMM

If you an IB are looking for an additional income source, you can earn exta commission from promoting a Master of a PAMM account of your choice, in addition to your usual rebates.

What makes the PAMM system so appealing is its public transparancy: money managers can have their results publicly displayed, thus giving them the opportunity to attract more funds.

As an IB, you can choose to promote specific PAMM Masters based on their performance record and the commission they are offering, and by that earing additional rebate form the Masters offer.

Unlimited trading accounts and deposit levels

Ability to be used across all account types

Real-time performance and commissions reports

Our introducing brokers are rewarded for the volumes traded of their clients who are under a PAMM account, in addition to their standard rebate received.

What is a PAMM account?

The PAMM account features a management module that distributes the sizes of trades according to an allocation percentage. With a PAMM account, an investor can also allocate a portion of his account to one or more managers.

The Manager's PAMM account is a large "main account" whose capital is equal to the sum of the sub-accounts. The PAMM Master account balance represents the total amount of all clients' deposits. For example, suppose the trader makes a 100-lot trade on the EURUSD. In that case, the trade is divided among the individual sub-accounts (clients) into smaller parts based on each sub-account percentage concerning the master account. This means that if the size of an individual sub-account is equal to 1% of the main account's equity, the size of the trade on this account will be one lot (1% of 100 lots).

To ensure the security of investors' funds, client deposits remain in their trading accounts. The Manager does not have access to these accounts and, therefore, cannot make any withdrawals. The individual investors are the only ones who can make deposits & withdrawals to/from these managed accounts. However, the performance fees earned by account managers are automatically withdrawn from clients' accounts, according to the terms of the contract.