Cookies & IP Policy

A ‘cookie’ is a piece of data stored on your hard drive and web browser, containing information about your internet usage, particularly in relation to the use of the company’s online trading facilities.

Additionally, IP addresses may be linked to your personal data as associated with surfing on our sites and platforms. By tracking these addresses, the company would be obtaining such personal data.

The company reserves the right to use such ‘cookie’s or ‘IP address tracking devices’ to aid in administering its online trading facilities, store passwords and usernames, monitor visits to our pages, personalize our platforms and offers to our clients, and to track and facilitate a client’s browsing through us.

Access to our online trading facilities is conditional on acceptance by you of any ‘cookies’ and ‘IP address tracking devices’ described in and for the purposes explained in this clause.

By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that you understand the broad nature of ‘cookie’s and ‘IP address tracking’ devices and the purposes for which they will be used by the company.

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